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 Notice to new users!

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Skull of The Deathwing


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PostSubject: Notice to new users!   Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:20 am

I wan't to tell everyone about this. This is NOT OUTyet. So, please do not ask about things like: "When is it gonna be out?"; "I can't find the chatsite anywhere. (Answer: It's because not out yet.)"; "Is it out yet?": And no such things please.
It's just a notice. Please, don't ask anything like that in the future. We will tell you when it's out. It's gonna take a while to create and fix everything. Also, do not beg to become an admin. Begging will only take you to worse.

We really appreatiate those, who read this~

We're working on this as hard as possible.

Land of cyan staff~

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Notice to new users!
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